Bird dogs are the best — they’re smart, loyal, and always aim to please. They’re so skilled at what they do, a phrase was coined to describe their style. To “bird dog” something means to track and find whatever you’re seeking. We apply this way of thinking to our company. We go above and beyond to find the perfect event for our clients, always aiming to meet and exceed expectations for their big day.
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I'm Emily in Austin, Texas, and I love planning and designing weddings and parties.

I grew up inspired by whatever sparked my imagination - from Paris to fashion to music to a deep-rooted love of bold, bright colors and patterns. People and what made the world tick fascinated me so I pursued a BA in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin. From there, I worked as an educational consultant where I managed several projects and dealt with various clients, much like today. Family, friends, and even I started planning weddings and it was love at first go 'round. I could not deny my passion for planning events any longer and threw myself wholeheartedly into creating Bird Dog Wedding. I now thrive on planning beautiful, fun weddings and parties with lots of little details, which embrace each client’s personality.


Carmen has been working with Bird Dog Wedding since May 2013 – she was their first intern! When she’s not creating signage for an upcoming event, you can find her practicing calligraphy, shopping for her apartment, or getting lost in a good book. Her style is highly inspired by rich colors, interesting textures, and exciting adventures. You’ll probably get along if you like lavender lemonade, Mexican embroidery dresses, to-do lists, Anthropologie, and s’mores.


My background is in planning food and wine events but after planning my own wedding, I fell in love with the wedding world! I enjoy working with clients on incorporating special details, and being a great sounding-board through the planning process. I'm inspired by Austin's modern southern vibes and western wildness, the colors of our cactus-filled terrain, and the brightly-painted neighborhoods! When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time with my cat and husband, volunteering with the dogs at the Austin Animal Center, having awesome front-yard barbecues, and working in my garden!